Last week I started a budget. As usual I went all in with my efforts. Spreadsheets, handwritten notes, apps downloaded to my phone. A full on attack against a psychological mountain. Passion and energy bordering on obsession. The only way I know how to fix the problem.  Continue reading



My goals for the rest of the year have come in to sharp focus over the past few days. Finance, fitness,  writing. I have some debts to pay off, so I started a rather strict budget. I have an underused gym subscription, so I will start to get my money’s worth. I haven’t gotten into a habit of writing daily, so it is time to invest more in doing so. Here’s to learning a bit of self discipline! 

What are your goals for the rest of the year? Leave them in the comments. Let’s tackle them together. 

In Search of Direction

For a week now I have anticipated writing my next piece. I have written and erased many concepts. I haven’t even settled on a tone! One minute, dark and brooding is the way to go. The next, positive and upbeat. In the month since I have invested meaningful time in writing my mind frame has changed immensely. Reading the negative tones that once washed over my words is almost startling. Continue reading

Maybe I Should Stop Being Such a Cynic

This piece is written in response to my previous entry The Nightmare of Knowing.

Nostalgia is a poison to the human soul. It allows us to conveniently forget the negative while celebrating the positive in exaggerated fashion. It is the perfect lie. Within five minutes of posting The Nightmare of Knowing, I knew that I had taken things too far. I had lied to myself and the game was up. Continue reading

The Nightmare of Knowing

To an old soul such as myself, two things in this world are cherished more than anything: intrigue and optimism. These two things are prone to waning over time. Intrigue has an ebb and flow to it. Highly dependent upon what the passion of the day, or week, or month is. Optimism tends to fade slowly over time. When it fades away, it can be momentarily resuscitated by new interests, but inevitably it trends downward. Continue reading