A Few Months Adrift

The past few months have flown by with much busywork and hardly any creative success. Constantly on the go, my life has been feeling as if I’m waiting in an airport. Stop and go. Rinse and repeat. At times it has been hard to carve out an hour to simply sit down and “be”. I am overwhelmed and can’t seem to see an end to the pattern. Work, sleep, drink coffee, shave, dress for work. I have become a bundle of anxieties. My off days are spent neatening the same piles, the same rooms, over and over. The anxiety gets worse on the off days. My mind runs at 100 miles per hour. I obsess over trying to perfect my living space, even though it is nowhere near perfect. I have decided today to take fifteen minutes to write, and whatever happens is acceptable. I haven’t posted anything here in way too long (again) and have so many thoughts to get out. Factual, fictional, and everything in between. I will spend time this afternoon reading over my own previous writings to try to get myself back on track. Just know that I’m still here, still fighting for time and sanity and the substance that is life. More to come soon. I have had the writing bug for a few weeks now, and have gotten a keyboard to use with my iPad. My computer has been broken, and writing posts from an iPhone is a nightmare. Anyway, ramble over. Onward and upward!


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