First Week of Fitness

I have now been following my fitness/dietary plan for six days. Progress with the weightlifting has been slow as expected. I have had to take two extra resting days beyond what week one of the regimen suggests in order to not overwork and injure myself. While I am not yet up to the level of full participation, with focus and diligence I soon will be.

The first step was getting myself to the gym. Sticking my neck out there. This was accomplished last Tuesday when I got off my butt and made a conscious decision to better my physique. Once this step was complete, nutrition had to become the main focus. I have spent the last few days coming up with meal plans, calculating calories and macros, and re-adapting my body to consuming a proper amount of food per day to maintain a healthy weight.

As I always seem to do, hence “ruminations”, I have become obsessively focused on getting proper nutrient levels in to my body. Rather than continuing on at full speed, I am trying to apply the knowledge I have gained while taking my foot off the gas pedal in terms of energy spent researching. Less reading, more living.

Week one has been successful in most ways. I am not yet lifting weights at a level that I deem acceptable. However my focus is laser sharp and I am learning to pace myself to reach my goals in a realistic timeframe!

Until the next.


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