Now that I have gotten finances organized and under control, my next focus is my fitness. I have lost 45 lbs over the two years. I feel trim and light, but short on muscle. Back in college eight years ago, I was into power lifting. I was quite muscular and athletic. Nearly a decade filled with excuses, alcohol and poor diet it is time to get my act together by getting into the best shape of my life!

I found a workout routine to follow called Shortcut to Size by Jim Stoppani. It is an intense twelve week burst of muscle growth. The diet is strict and I will be eating much more than usual to bulk up. It will be full on attack mode for three months.

I started Tuesday with week one. I’m doing week one a couple of times to get proper form and to get my muscles used to strain. I can hardly straighten my arms today, I find it satisfying in that I actually worked out for once!

When I used to work out I never used diet to my advantage. Older and wiser, here’s to pushing myself as far as I can go!

More to come soon.



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