In Search of Direction

For a week now I have anticipated writing my next piece. I have written and erased many concepts. I haven’t even settled on a tone! One minute, dark and brooding is the way to go. The next, positive and upbeat. In the month since I have invested meaningful time in writing my mind frame has changed immensely. Reading the negative tones that once washed over my words is almost startling. I had been under an immense amount of self-induced pressure, but did not realize the toll it was taking. So where do I go from here? Color me confused. I’d like to write more fiction. I’d like to utilize more dialogue. All I know is that I have desperately missed writing. And I have no idea what will come next.


One thought on “In Search of Direction

  1. I feel the lack of direction too; Academically and in my writing. I started a new fiction piece, but to be honest, I have no idea where it’s going. A lot of words that I feel like deleting. Hmmm… (I don’t really share fiction on my blog. I think about it, but I don’t.)


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