Finding Your “It”

I’ve always been one to assume that the grass is greener on the other side. The next hobby could be better than my current ones. That new device could work slightly better for me. A never ending cycle of new trumping old.

This is an endless trap, a waste of precious time. Notice how new things could, may, should, etc. be better than what I have going on today. There is no guarantee, only the possibility. Instead of always seeking out the latest and greatest, try to find your “it”. That one constant in your life among a sea of change. I’m by no means an expert at this, far from it. I still drop hobbies, positive habits, and more on too regular of a basis. But I have recognized lately how destructive, time wasting and energy wasting this all can be. Not only will we value having a constant in our lives, there will be more free time to spend with loved ones. Enjoying their presence rather than pushing them out of the way to research yet another new idea, new gadget, or whatever steals your time. Find your “it”, address it with full commitment. Enjoy the ups and downs. Learn from successes and failures. Let’s enjoy this one opportunity to live whole heartedly.


2 thoughts on “Finding Your “It”

  1. For the longest time I had given up trying to find my, “it”. To be honest I had given up on life. Not thinking about tomorrow or even caring. I was lucky and got another chance at life now and am now again trying to find my elusive “it”. Will I ever find it? What will I do when if I do? Until then I am learning to enjoy the road trip to find, well “it”. Even if I do get lost sometimes.


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